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Ear Surgery

If you are ever in need of an ear surgery in the Hackettstown, NJ area, you’ll need to find a highly-experienced ENT specialist.  Dr. Joshua D. Pollack is an excellent choice for all your ear, nose and throat health needs.

Dr. Joshua D. Pollack received his degree from New York Medical College and is now also working at New York Methodist Hospital as one of its 25 ENT specialists.  Dr. Pollack has been in practice for over 20 years; he also practices in Phillipsburg, NJ, and uses the latest technology and techniques to provide care for his patients of all ages.  Some of the services he provides include:

• Ear disorders.
• Ringing in the ears.
• Throat problems and infections.
• Allergy treatment and testing.
• Sinus problems.
• Snoring.
• Obstructive sleep apnea.

Some of the procedures that Dr. Pollack can perform include:

• Tubes to help ears drain.

• Tympanoplasty, which repairs a hole in the eardrum.

• Ossiculoplasty, which is the repairing of the small bones in the middle ear.  Ossiculoplasty is done to correct hearing loss in some individuals.

• Stapedectomy is a procedure performed for hearing loss caused by calcium around the stirrup, which is the third small ear bone.

• Cochlear Implant. A cochlear implant is done for individuals who have profound hearing loss in both ears that is not helped with hearing aids. Hearing improvement with a cochlear implant is 100 per cent using cochlear implants.

• Mastoid Tympanoplasty is performed on individuals that have an ear drum perforation and chronic infection or a cholesteatoma, which is the formation of a skin sack.

• Vestibular Nerve Section, which is performed when medication can’t control attacks of vertigo from Meniere’s disease.

• Acoustic Neuroma Removal, via translabyrinthine or sub occipital removal. These two procedures remove tumors in the ear.

• Other surgeries may be available to be performed according to the doctor’s investigations and diagnosis.

Dr. Joshua Pollack provides his patients with a comprehensive evaluation of your ear, nose and throat issues and will provide you with all the options you need to achieve the best results for ear surgery or any other ENT issue you may have. Contact him today for an answer to your ear questions and concerns.